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Creator: Coates, John, 1932-
Title: Papers of John Coates
Date Range: 1916-1994
Reference Number: MS 366
Extent: 2.12 m (16 boxes, 9 oversize with 34 maps)
Repository: Academy Library, UNSW Canberra
Abstract: This collection comprises manuscript papers and related material produced and accumulated by John Coates.

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Scope and Content

This collection comprises research material used for the publication of the book Bravery above blunder : the 9th Division at Finschhafen, Sattelberg and Sio (1999). It includes photocopies of military archival material held in Australia, the United States and Britain, detailing the Huon Peninsula Campaign in New Guinea in 1943-44; interviews with Japanese prisoners of war and, post-war Japanese commanders; audio cassette interviews with Australian commanders; and maps of the Huon Peninsula area, and selected maps used for An atlas of Australia's wars.


This collection has been arranged into box then folder order.

Biographical Note

Lieutenant-General (Henry) John Coates was born in Adelaide in 1932, educated at Ipswich Grammar School, Queensland, and graduated from the Royal Military College, Duntroon in 1955 into the Royal Australian Armoured Corps. He holds a BA in History and Economics from the University of Western Australia, 1962, BA (Hons) in Oriental and Russian History, Australian National University, 1965, and an MA in Military History from the Australian National University, 1975. He attended the Australian Staff College, Queenscliff in 1968, the Australian Joint Services Staff College in 1975, and the Royal College of Defence Studies, London in 1981.

During his long and distinguished military career he held various staff and command appointments both in Australia and overseas, including the appointment of Commandant of the Royal Military College, Duntroon, 1983, Head of the Australian Defence Staff, Washington, 1984-1987, Assistant Chief Defence Force (Policy), 1987-1989 and Chief of the General Staff, Australian Army, 1990-1992. After retirement, he was invited to become a Visiting Fellow at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University College, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra.

After retiring from the Army in 1992, he has been a Visiting Fellow in the History discipline, The School of Humanities and Social Sciences at UNSW Canberra, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra.

He is a highly respected military historian, and since his retirement has authored a number of military history books and publications, including Suppressing insurgency : an analysis of the Malayan Emergency, 1948-1954 (1992)
Review of the Ready Reserve scheme (co-authored with Hugh Smith, 1995)
Bravery above blunder : the 9th Division at Finschhafen, Sattelberg and Sio (1999)
The Australian centenary history of defence, co-editor (2001)
An atlas of Australia's wars volume 7 of The Australian centenary history of defence (2001)
An atlas of Australia's wars, 2nd edition 2006.

He was awarded an MBE in 1971, an AO in 1987, an AC (Mil) in 1992, and the Centenary Medal in 2003.

Lieutenant-General John Coates, April 2004
Defence Force Journal, No. 45, March/April 1984, p. 16
Who's who in Australia 2007, p. 469-470.

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The collection was acquired from John Coates in 1999, 2007 and 2008.

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Box 1

Folder 1
Correspondence, 1992-1996 to LtGen John Coates re research for Bravery above blunder : the 9th Australian Division at Finschhafen, Sattelberg, and Sio (1999), includes personal reminiscences; newsletters for the Associations of the Rats of Tobruk, 2/17 Battalion, 2/13 Battalion, 2/3 Pioneer Battalion, 2/3 Anti-Tank Regiment, 2/15 Battalion, 2/2 Machine Gun Battalion

Folder 2
Research material: bibliography lists from military institutions and museums

Folder 3
Research material: bibliography lists from military institutions; photocopies of random pages from unpublished and published works

Folder 4
Short biographies of Australian and United States military commanders, typescript/photocopied typescript/photocopied published material; typescript copy of 'A soldier of the Emperor : Adachi Hatazo and the Imperial Japanese Army', 1994 by Edward K Drea; photocopied typescript of a report on General Blamey, 1944; and photocopied typescript 'Notes on operations in Malaya : Dec 41-Feb 42'; photocopied typescript reports on LHQ Training Centre (Jungle Warfare) at Canungra, Queensland, 1942-43

Folder 5
Official correspondence, 1940-1944, between General Douglas MacArthur and General Marshall, General T Blamey, MajGen R L Eichelberger, MajGen E F Harding, MajGen R K Sutherland re Huon Peninsula campaign; photocopied typescript reports, memoranda and operations plans re Australians/Americans in the South West Pacific Area by United States commanders

Box 2

Folder 6
Photocopied typescript operations instructions and warning instructions, 1942-43 re Huon Peninsula campaign; roneoed copy of ship's Standing Orders 23 January 1943

Folder 7
Photocopied typescripts of excerpts of Daily Summaries for August-September 1943 re Huon Peninsula campaign

Folder 8
Personal reminiscences of Huon Peninsula campaign by Australians Ray Rudkin, Don E Rohrig, Robert H Odell, Peter Siekman (C Coy), Bob Adam (A Coy), John A Crawford, Capt M Northley, E J Neal and John Hilton Hacker
Unofficial unpublished report '2/3 Aust Pioneer Bn History - D Company's story from 31st August 1943', by [Colin Knott], parts 1-2, prepared from rough notes of daily events compiled at stages during the operation, part 1 annotated carbon typescript, part 2 annotated typescript
Unofficial unpublished report 'The story of D Coy 2/3 Aust Pioneer Bn, 9th Aust Division in amphibious and jungle operations, from 31 August, 1943 to the end of the 2nd World War, 15 August, 1945' by [Colin Knott], parts 1-4; prepared from rough abbreviated notes of daily events compiled at stages during operations, and originally written in late 1960 for Colonel John Anderson and Gordon Jackett M.P. for their use in the preparation of Mud and sand : 2/3 Pioneer Bn. at war (1955), republished (1994), annotated photocopy typescript
'A signals intercept site at war'

Folder 9
Official Australian military reports and notes:
RAAF Reconnaissance Report, Army Co-op, 20 Oct 43, AWM52, 1/14/40, photocopied typescript
War diary of intelligence summary, Unit 2/3 Aust Pioneer Bn AIF, Oct 43, AWM52 8/6/3 Oct -Dec 43, p. 34-36 and 49, photocopied typescript
'Operations in Malaya Dec 41 - Feb 42', HQ 1 Aust Corps, 17 Feb 42, notes based on an interview which MajGen A.S. Allen and Brig F.H. Berryman had with an officer on 1 Feb 42, carbon typescript
Appendix B 'Notes on war experience against Japanese', No G 151/1/15, HQ 12 Ind Inf Bde, Malaya, 6 Feb 42, carbon typescript
'Mobility of units - reduction of MT in forward areas', 16 Feb 42, carbon typescript
'Story of young R.A.F. officer at Palembang', carbon typescript
'Organization of a Japanese Division - January 1942', 2 p., carbon typescript
'Report on Operation of 2/28 Aust Inf Bn : 5-16 Sep 43', by LtCol C.H.B. Norman M.C., photocopied typescript

Folder 10
Photocopied excerpts of handwritten war diary of Major George Rosevear MM of 2/3 Pioneer Battalion AIF re Lae and Finschhafen, 12 September 1943-27 February 1944; photocopied handwritten and typescript copies of correspondence, reports and citations by Maj Rosevear, 1943-1965

Folder 11
Two official military reports:
'2/32 Bn History - New Guinea from 7th or 8th August, 1943', by Maj Keith Frederick (Bill) Mollard, photocopied typescript
'Report on operations by 24 Aust Inf Bde from 11 Oct 43 to 11 Nov 43', typescript

Box 3

Folder 12
Official military report of 2/13th Australian Infantry Battalion of the Lae Campaign 2 Sep-5 Oct 1943, photocopied typescript; bound war diary '2/13th Aust Inf Battalion : Finschhafen Operation from 21 Sep-25 Oct' [1943], photocopied handwriting and typescript

Folder 13
Two official military reports, photocopied typescript:
'Report on operations - 20 Aust Inf Bde : Finschhafen 22 Sep 43 to 2 Oct 43' by Maj J A Oliver (two copies)
'Finschhafen operation - report upon', 20 Australian Infantry Brigade and detachment of United States 523 EB & SR (two copies)

Folder 14
Four official military reports, photocopied typescript:
Summary of statements made by MajGen Wooten, Brig Windeyer, Brig Whitehead, Brig Ramsey, LtCol Simpson, LtCol Wilmoth and miscellaneous observations and treatise on the employment of army tanks in jungle warfare, re the Sattelberg-Wareo battle and advance up Huon Peninsula, dated February 1944
'Summary of events leading to the Allied capture of Sattelberg Heights, 25 November 1943, Part I'
'Resume of allied military operations and Intelligence leading to the capture of Finschhafen settlement and airfield, Sep-Oct 1943', dated 8 October 1943
'Huon Peninsula campaign', dated 6 January 1944

Folder 15
Three official military reports, photocopied typescript:
'Report on operations of 9 Aust Div : Lae - Finschhafen - Huon Peninsula : 4 September 1943-15 January 1944'
'Report on operations : New Guinea : 22 Jan-8 Oct 43' by LtGen E F Herring dated 7 January 1944
'Commander Allied Land Forces Report on New Guinea operations : 4 September 1943 to 26 April 1944', dated 12 October 1944

Folder 16
Three official military reports, photocopied typescript:
'Tank operations - New Guinea', dated 19 February 1944
'Employment of tanks in jungle warfare - Trg Instr No. 7', dated 8 February 1944
'Report on employment of tanks in operations of 9 Aust Div in area north of Finschhafen, New Guinea'
and a photocopied map titled 'The Huon Peninsula Campaign 22 Sep 43 to 9 Dec 43 showing 5 phases of operations & enemy plans and dispositions'

Box 4

Folder 17
Chapters 7-27 of New Guinea offensive by David Dexter and relevant correspondence with David Dexter, Gavin Long, General Edmund Herring, photocopied typescript

Folder 18
Published material, photocopied:
Articles 'Finschhafen - the Australian triumph', Part 3 and Part 4 by Ward Curedale and Eric Stallard in Listening Post, Autumn 1994, pp 27, 29, 31
Chapters 27 and 28, 'Lae' of Mud and sand (1955) edited by J A Anderson and J G T Jackett, Part VIII, with attached handwritten list of honours and awards
Chapter XII 'Events at Mindiri' of Missionary turns spy (1989) by Paster AFH Freund
Selected pages from The last mountain (1986) by Ian Downs

Folder 19
Published material:
The Sapper's war : with Ninth Australian Division Engineers 1939-1945, by Ken Ward-Harvey (1992)

Folder 20
Photocopies of selected pages of published material relating to articles and lectures on United States military intelligence, 1916-1924

Folder 21
Photocopied typescript copies of United States official military correspondence, operating and warning instructions, plans, reports and map, December 1941-November 1942

Box 5

Folder 22
Photocopied typescript copies of United States official military correspondence, operating and warning instructions, plans and reports, January-August 1943

Folder 23
Photocopied typescript copies of:
United States Army report 'Estimate of the situation'
historical record index cards dated 29 March 1943-17 September 1943
official military correspondence 1 September-27 October 1943

Folder 24
Photocopied typescript copies of United States official military correspondence, 2 November 1943-2 July 1944; a memo dated 21 March 1945; report titled 'The establishment of United States bases in New Guinea'

Folder 25
Photocopied typescript copies of United States Intelligence Reports re Huon Peninsula Campaign, 1 July 1943-31 December 1943

Box 6

Folder 26
Photocopied typescript copies of United States military reports on the Huon Peninsular campaign by 2D Engineer Special Brigade, Seventh Amphibious Force, Army Ground Forces Board SWPA

Folder 27
Photocopied typescript copy of 'Final report of operations of 2D E S B, June 20-Sept 30' re Nassau Bay-Salamaua, Lae, Finschhafen

Folder 28
Photocopied typescript copies of reports by United States Seventh Amphibious Force on the Lae-Finschhafen operations

Folder 29
Photocopied typescript of interviews with United States commanders: LtGen Jack Fuson, Gen George H Decker; BrigGen Eddleman re Huon Peninsula Campaign

Folder 30
Photocopy of Chapter 11, Volume IV, pp 35-141 of published report Engineers of the Southwest Pacific 1941-1945 (1959) by Major General Hugh J Casey

Folder 31
Photocopies of:
a United States Army Service Experiences Questionnaire c. 1964
selected pages from publication The new military : changing patterns of organization edited by Morris Janowitz
selected pages of typescript report 'Chapter I : Military censorship operation'
selected pages of typescript article 'Australian Staff College : US Forces : comparison exercise', 1968 Course

Box 7

Folder 32
Photocopies of:
United States military report 'The 88th Infantry Division in World War II : factors responsible for its excellence', April 1982
United States military report 'South Atlantic Conflict of 1982 : a case study in military cohesion' by Nora Kinzer Stewart, April 1988

Folder 33
Photocopies of selected pages from published material:
'Operations of the Allied Intelligence Bureau GHQ, SWPA' from Volume IV of 'Intelligence series'
'MacArthur, Australia and the British, 1942-1943 : The secret journal of MacArthur's British Liaison Officer' (Parts I and II) by Christopher Thorne from the Australian outlook, Vol. 30, No. 1
sections of publications of the United States Quartermaster Corps and Transportation Corps 'Mission and organization in the Pacific', 'Logistic support of combat operations', 'Supplies and equipment in combat use' and 'The critical role of shipping'

Folder 34
Photocopied article from World War II, September 1991, 'Double headed assault ' by Albert Hemingway; publication titled Engineer memoirs (1993) by Major General Hugh J Casey

Folder 35
Published book
Put 'em across : a history of the 2d Engineer Special Brigade, 1942-1945 (1988)

Folder 36
Photocopies of:
Japanese Army directives, October 1940-September 1943
random pages of Japanese Army reports on New Guinea operations
service record of ex-LtGen Hatazo Adachi
Translations of statements made by Japanese Army Officers on New Guinea operations, 1949-50

Box 8

Folder 37
Photocopies of translations of Japanese Army documents relating the Huon Peninsula campaign

Folder 38
Photocopies of:
Typescript article 'Major General Miyazaki's personal account of his experiences during the Solomons Campaign'
Typescript document 'Part IV : US counteroffensive', 1953 by Hattori Takushiro

Folder 39
Photocopied typescript document 'Japanese studies in World War II : 18th Army operations : Volume II : south eastern Pacific area operation record', 1946

Folder 40
Photocopied typescript document 'Japanese studies in World War II : 18th Army operations : Volume III : south eastern area operation record', 1948

Box 9

Folder 41
Photocopies of Interrogation reports on information gained from Japanese Army prisoners-of-war, November 1943-February 1944

Folder 42
Photocopies of Interrogation reports on information gained from Japanese Army prisoners-of-war, February-March 1944, Japanese Navy prisoners-of-war, November 1945 and Japanese ex-army officers, July 1947

Folder 43
Photocopies of Interrogation reports on information gained from Japanese ex-army officers, July-August 1947

Folder 44
Photocopies of:
typescript statement by Lt Gen Adachi Hatazo
typescript questionnaire filled out by Japanese ex-army officers
selected pages of 'A record of marathon adventures in the New Guinea war' by Masamichi Kitamoto
selected extracts of typescript report 'Account of the eastern New Guinea campaign' by Yoshihara Tsutomu
extracts from published material 'The New Guinea campaign' and 'Fighting withdrawal to western New Guinea'

Box 10

Folder 45
Photocopies of extracts from published material on the operations of the Imperial Japanese Army and an article 'The psychology of the Japanese soldier', by Bonner F. Fellers, 1934-1935

Folder 46
Photocopies of research material

'Japanese and New Guinean memories of wartime experiences at Rabaul, 1942 to 1946', by Hiromitsu Iwamoto 'Japanese images of air war in Papua New Guinea', by Hiromitsu Iwamoto 'Patrol reports - sources for assessing war damage in Papua New Guinea', by Hiromitsu Iwamoto 'The warrior's dishonour' chapter from Waging war without warriors? : the changing culture of military conflict, by Christopher Coker (2002) 'U.S. Army and Japanese Imperial Army doctrine during World War II'

Folder 47
Correspondence and questionnaires relating to Coates' M.A. thesis 'An operational analysis of the emergency in Malaya 1948-1954', Australian National University, 1976, 1964-1968

Folder 48
Ready Reserve Scheme - research material and photocopy draft of a talk, 2002-2003

Folder 49
Photocopies of articles and interview, 1967-2002

Correspondence, research material and notes
Photocopy of 'Preparing armoured units for overseas service', by John Coates published in The Australian Army and the Vietnam War 1962-1972 : the 2002 Chief of Army's Military History Conference, edited by Peter Dennis & Jeffrey Grey (2002)
Photocopy of an interview with Alan Ryan, 23/9/2002
Photocopy of 'British armour and rearmament in the 1930s', by J.P. Harris published in The journal of strategic studies, Vol. 11, no. 2, June 1988, p. 220-244

Folder 50
RMC class of 1952-1955 reunion material, 1995

Folder 51
An atlas of Australia's wars, by John Coates 2001 and 2006 editions, 1992-2006

Correspondence, synopsis, research material, notes on corrections and additions for the 2nd edition

Box 11

Folder 52
An atlas of Australia's wars, 1992-2006

List of WWI Divisional commanders
Photocopy of 'The historian as prophet and redeemer' from The fabrication of Aboriginal history, by Keith Windschuttle
Photocopy of 'The landing at Anzac : an Australian defensive action', by C.A.M. Roberts, 1990, together with notes on 'Intelligence for the Gallipoli landings - Apr 25'
Photocopy of 'A military misjudgement : the Anzac landings', by J.S. Sears
Photocopy of 'Summing up the Somme', by Trevor Wilson and Robin Prior, November 1991
Photocopy of 'The battle of the Hindenburg Line', by Jackson Hughes
Photocopy of 'Bean, Monash and Hamel - a reassessment', by E.M. Andrews and B.G. Jordan
Photocopy of 'Hamel : winning a battle', by Eric Andrews and B.G. Jordan
Photocopies of Gallipoli Peninsular maps

Folder 53
An atlas of Australia's wars, 1921-1983

Photocopies of biographical entries on various Australian politicians and military commanders
Photocopy of 'Lieutenant General Sir Vernon Sturdee, KBE, CB, DSO' published in Defence Force journal, No. 41, July-August 83
Manuscript notes on 'Corps vs militia', 3 p.
Notes and photocopies of Report for the Inspector-General of the Australian Military Forces, by Sir H.G. Chauvel, 1921-1923 and 1926-1930

Folder 54
An atlas of Australia's wars, 1995

Correspondence, 1995
List of Australian Light Horse Divisional and Brigade Commanders, Australian and New Zealand Division
List of associations with Light Horse connections
Notes on the Australian Light Horse
Copy of 'A brief history of the Australian Light Horse', December 1995
Photocopy of 'Light Horse', by R.J.G. Hall
Photocopies of Boer War photographs

Folder 55
An atlas of Australia's wars, 1941-2003

Correspondence relating to Crete experiences
Photocopy of 'Operation Mercury, Crete 1941 : military essentials of the land battle', by Kevin B. Rogers, 2003, together with 3 colour maps
Notes on 'Crusader', 18 Nov-12 Dec 1941
Photocopy of 'Trig 29', [prepared by Brigadier O.H. Isaksson], includes copies of maps
Carbon copy of lecture notes entitled 'Summary of El Alamein Battle, 23 Oct - 3 Nov 1942', by Lt. Col. H.H. Hammer
Typescript of tactical discussion 'Description of the planning and conduct of the Battle of Alamein', by Lt Gen B. G. Horrocks, 24-26 Nov 42
Copy of document 3739-PS entitled 'Affidavit to accompany memorandum on the German General Staff and High Command' from The Nizkor project
Notes on the Juergen Foerster seminar

Folder 56
An atlas of Australia's wars, 1941-2003

Photocopy of 'Rabaul (Bita Paka) War Cemetery', index no. N. Gui. 2, p. vii-xi
Photocopy of 'The Pacific War in Papua New Guinea : perceptions and realities', by Hank Nelson, 1999
Photocopy of 'The official names of the battles, actions & engagements fought by the land forces of the Commonwealth during the Australian Campaign in the 'South-West Pacific 1942-1945' and the New Zealand Campaign in the 'South Pacific 1942-1944' and the 'Korean Campaign 1950-1953' : final report of the Battles Nomenclature Committee as approved by the Army Council', 1958
Notes on Milne Bay, Kokoda, and the Bridgehead Battles key dates & actions
Sketch map of Buna situation on 2 December 1942

Folder 57
An atlas of Australia's wars, 1966-1979

Correspondence and notes relating to the Malayan Emergency
Photocopy of 'The Emergency in Malaya', lectures 1-5, 1979
Photocopy of chapter 1 'Background to the Emergency : the opposing forces' from the Malayan Emergency 1948-1960
Photocopy of 'The non-lessons of the Malayan Emergency', by Robert O. Tilman from Asia survey, Vol. 6, no. 8, August 1966, p 407-419
Photocopy of 'How Borneo was won : the untold story of an Asian victory', by General Sir Walter Walker
Photocopy of 'The onus of responsibility' from Communist insurrection in Malaya, by Anthony Short, pp 88-91

Folder 58
An atlas of Australia's wars, 1968-1979

Photocopy of 'New divisional organization' by John Wilton, 20 October 1965
Photocopy of Lecture by Brigadier S.C. Graham, Brisbane 1968 on '1 ATF operations in SVN'
Copy of 'Observations on operations in Vietnam', by Brigadier S.C. Graham, published in Army journal, pp. 5-28 (incomplete)
Photocopy of 'Australian military problems in Vietnam', by Robert O'Neill published in Australian outlook, Vol. 23, no. 1, 1969, pp 46-57
Photocopy of 'An outline of the Australian military involvement in Vietnam, July 1962-December 1972', by Major Ian. G. McNeill; presentation to British Commission for Military History Conference, Sandhurst, 19-23 July 1979, published in Defence force journal, No. 24, Sept/Oct 80, pp 42-53
Notes re the 8RAR/3 Cav Regt friendly fire incident in Vietnam from AWM 98 and 103

Folder 59
An atlas of Australia's wars, 1940-1993

Photocopies of articles relating to various Australian Infantry Battalions during World War 2
Photocopies of biographical information on various Australian military commanders: A.V. Gallasch, B. Evans and G.F. Wootten
Queensland embarkation nominal roll for the troop transport Queen Mary

Box 12

Folder 60
An atlas of Australia's wars, 1940-1993

Including articles and notes relating to the Singapore Strategy:
Printouts of database search and Select bibliography
Photocopy of AWM 1, item 20/7 'Report on the Military defence of Australia', 1920
Photocopies NAA series M104, item 7/1 Personal papers of Bruce, Friday 17 March 1939 x 2
Photocopy of 'The Pacific war : why did the Menzies government not see it coming?', by Frank Cain
Photocopy of 'Worthy of some better enemy? : the British estimate of the Imperial Japanese Army 1919-41, and the fall of Singapore', by John Ferris
Annotated typescript of 'Synopsis of the Singapore Strategy'
Photocopy of 'The Admiralty and imperial overstretch, 1902-1941', by Andrew Gordon
Photocopy of 'The influence of history on sea power : the Royal Navy and the lessons of 1914-1918', by Arthur Marder
Photocopy of 'Retrenchment rethinking revival 1919-1939', by Geoffrey Till

Folder 61
An atlas of Australia's wars, 1940-1993

Including articles and notes relating to the Singapore Strategy:
Photocopy of 'Churchill, Japan, and British security in the Pacific 1904-1942', by Robert O'Neill
Photocopy of 'A potential and powerful foe', pp 3-26
Photocopies of clippings on Churchill
Manuscript notes on the following AWM items
Photocopy of AWM 54, 553/5/23 pt 1, 'Operations of 8 Aust. Division in Malaya 1941-1942', compiled by Col Thyer, pp 9-198
Photocopy of AWM 93, 50/2/23/480, 'Records of the war of 1939-45', by Col Thyer
Photocopy of AWM PR 85/42, file 419/49/34, Papers of Brig H.B. Taylor, 28 Jan - 11 Feb 1942

Folder 62
An atlas of Australia's wars, 1940-1993

Including articles and notes relating to the Singapore Strategy:
Photocopy of The years of decay (1919-39) Photocopy of 'Great Britain's assessment of Japan before the outbreak of the Pacific War', by Peter Lowe
Photocopy of 'Singapore and Australian defence 1921-1942', by John McCarthy
Photocopy of 'The influence of history upon sea power : the Royal Navy in the Second World War', by Correlli Barnett
Photocopy of AWM 54 'Operational directive issued by Comd 2 Aust Corps to GOC 3 Aust Div', 19 Apr 1945
Photocopy of 'The defence of the British Empire', with special reference to the Far East and Australia, by Colonel J.D. Lavarack
Photocopy of 'The defence of Australia', by Major C.H. Robertson
Photocopy of 'An Army view of Australian defence policy', by Major General V.C.M. Sellheim, 1926
Notes and information regarding Sixty years on - the fall of Singapore revisited : a conference to commemorate the 60th anniversary of this major event of the Second World War, 2002
Typescript of a book review by John Coates on The defence and fall of Singapore, 1940-1942, by Brian P. Farrell

Folder 63
An atlas of Australia's wars, 1940-1993

The Commandant's service paper. 'General Sosaku Suzuki, Japan, (1891-1945)', by Steve Blake, 28 Apr 97
Photocopy of 'The General Staff of the German Army : a lesson in military organization', by Carey Brewer
Photocopy of 'Directive command and the German General Staff', by Martin Samuels
Photocopy of P38, OPS207-P 'Command and Staff College : the development of military staff systems index/instructive'
Photocopy of 'The rise and development of the General Staff system', by Major E.W.O. Perry, parts 1-3, published in the Australian Army journal, no's 4-6, Dec-May, 1948-1949
Photocopy of 'The challenges of high command in the twentieth century', by Gary Sheffield
Photocopy of 'British high command in the First World War : an overview', by Gary Sheffield
Photocopy of 'This base business', reprinted from the British Army journal, Jan 1949, published in the Australian Army journal
Photocopy of 'Report of lecture to officers, warrant officers and sergeants at P.O.W. Camp, Changi', by Col. J.H. Thyer, 18 Jun 42

Folder 64
An atlas of Australia's wars, 2001-2006

Including printouts and photocopies of:
'Bombing Iran : where, how and when', by Spooky Pete, together with comments, 2006
'Background to a war', by John Coates
'Mistake to declare this a 'war'', by Michael Howard, from RUSI journal, December 2001
'Nato and Bin Laden', by John Mackinlay, from RUSI journal, December 2001
'The Australian defence force's response to September 11 : timeline of events', 6/9/2002
'Iraq War : defense program implications for Congress', coordinated by Ronald O/Rourke, June 4, 2003

Folder 65
An atlas of Australia's wars, 2003-2005

Including printouts and photocopies of:
Selected pages from Ministry of Defence : Operation TELIC - United Kingdom Military Operations in Iraq, 11 December 2003
Various articles General Shinseki and the size and cost of Iraq's occupation force, February 2003
'War plans : United States', from Stratfor, Mar 14, 2003
'Why it always pays to know your enemy', by Scott Ritter, 5 April 2003
Various articles and letters from Australian newspapers on the war in Iraq, 2004
Various articles and maps on Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2004-2005
Draft of 'Countenance to catalyst : Australia's Navy in the Gulf, 1941-2005', by Greg Nash, 48 p
'Overview of The WMD Commission report : final report of the Commission on the intelligence capabilities of the United States regarding weapons of mass destruction', March 31, 2005

Box 13

Folder 66
An atlas of Australia's wars, 2005-2006

Including printouts and photocopies of:
'The secret way to war', by Mark Danner, from The New York review, June 9, 2005
'Trapped in the dead ground : US counter-insurgency strategy in Iraq', by Alastair Finlan, from Small wars and insurgencies, Vol. 16, no. 1, 1-21 March 2005
Various articles from Australian newspapers and the web on the war in Iraq, 2005-2006
Various articles by and about Paul Bremer's article on Iraq, 13-16 January 2006
Transcript of General Peter Pace interview from NBC Meet the Press, March 5 2006, and comments by an Army Infantry officer, 7 March 2006
Washington Post regular column 'Early warning', by William M. Arkin, 6 March 2006
'Intelligence, policy, and the war in Iraq', by Paul R. Pillar, from Foreign affairs, March/April 2006
'Rumsfeld's memo of options for Iraq War', December 3, 2006, from The New York times, 2006
Various emails relating to Iraq, 2004-2006
Iraq maps x 3 colour

Folder 67
An atlas of Australia's wars, 2002-2004

Including printouts and photocopies of:
Afghan war chronology, by Andrew J. Birtle, 2002, pp 1-22
Afghanistan and the future of warfare : implications for army and defense policy, by Stephen Biddle, November 2002
The battle for Mazar-e-Sharif, October-November 2001, by Dale Andrade, 2002, pp 1-6
The campaign against Kandahar, by John Carland, 2002, pp 1-5
The course of Operation Enduring Freedom in southern and eastern Afghanistan, by Michael Sherry, 2002, pp 1-6
'How the Afghan war was won', by Anthony Davis, from Jane's intelligence review, February 01, 2002
'Why America has waged a losing battle on Fallouja', by Alissa J. Rubin and Doyle McManus, 24 October 2004?
Various articles on Tora Bora, 2006

Folder 68
An atlas of Australia's wars, 1965-1994

Including printouts and photocopies of:
'Using limited air power in the 20th century', from RUSI
'Cyprus, Britain V Eoka 1955-59 : case study'
'Cuba and Pearl Harbor : hindsight and foresight', by Roberta Wohlstetter, from Foreign affairs, Vol. 43, Oct 1965
'Analysis, war, and decision : why intelligence failures are inevitable', by Richard K. Betts, from World politics, 1978, pp 61-89
'Mercantilism revisited', by D.C. Coleman, from Historical journal, vol. 23, no. 4, December 1980, pp 773-791
'Morale on the battlefield', by John Coates, from Defence force journal, no. 45, March/April 1984, pp 5-16
'Count Rumford : the most successful Yank abroad, ever', by John Dornberg, from Smithsonian, Vol. 25, issue 9, Dec 1994, pp 102-115

Folder 69
An atlas of Australia's wars, 1979

Including printout of:
The evolution of U.S. Army tactical doctrine, 1946-76, by Robert A. Doughty, 1979

Folder 70
An atlas of Australia's wars, 1985

Including photocopy of:
'The operational level of war', by Edward N. Luttwak, from International security, vol. 5, no. 3, 1981, pp 61-79 The operational level of war, compiled by Elizabeth R. Snoke, December 1985

Folder 71
An atlas of Australia's wars, 1988

Including printout of:
Deciding what has to be done : General William E. DePuy and the 1976 edition of FM 100--5, operations, by Paul H. Herbert, 1988

Folder 72
An atlas of Australia's wars, 1988-2004

Including printouts and photocopies of:
'Postscript the shape of things', pp 224-227
'The operational level of command', by Martin Farndale, from RUSI journal, Autumn 1988, pp 23-29
'A personal retrospect', from The making of Australians : a historical library, by Oliver MacDonagh, pp 1-9
'Conscientious objection to particular wars : Australia's experience during the Vietnam War, 1965-1972', by Hugh Smith, from War and society, Vol. 8, no. 1, May 1990, pp 118-134
C030-1 'Introduction to command', Commandant C&SC, 11 June 93, 6 p
Australian Heritage Commission register of the national estate database legal status codes, 20 April 1995, 8 p
'The fifty-year war : conflict and strategy in the Cold War', by Norman Friedman, from RUSI journal, June 2001, pp 20-25
The shield of Achilles : war, peace and the course of history, by Philip Bobbitt, 2002, pp xxi-17, together with: 'An Indian summer : new dangers after the long war bring Philip Bobbitt into the Australian strategic policy debate', by Paul Monk, from The Australian financial review, Friday 15 October 2004, and Address entitled 'Dangers every bit as great : the Australian strategic policy debate through the lens of Philip Bobbitt's The shield of Achilles', by Paul Monk, 8 September 2004 and review of Bobbitt's book

Folder 73
An atlas of Australia's wars, 2000-2005

Including printouts and photocopies of:
'Ethics education and research at the Australian Defence Force Academy', by Paul Oslington
'Calling out the troops : reactions to new laws on aid to the civil power', by Hugh Smith
Bills digest no. 13 2000-2001 Defence legislation amendment (aid to civilian authorities) Bill 2000
'A history of Royal Navy aircraft carriers', 23/9/2003
'HMS Argus (aircraft carrier, 1918-1946)', 23/9/2003
'HMS Furious (aircraft carrier, 1917-1948)', 23/9/2003
Photographs from 'Address to Royal United Services Institute entitled Military success in Iraq and current ADF operation', by Ken Gillespie, 16 August 2003
Various articles on peacekeeping, 2004
'Intervention, stabilization, and transformation operations : the role of landpower in the new strategic environment', by Steven Metz and Raymond Millen, from Parameters, Spring 2005
Latest comment - Australia Defence Association, Tuesday, 10 May 2005

Box 14

Folder 74
An atlas of Australia's wars, 2005-2006

Including printouts and photocopies of:
'Why military history matters', by Frederick W. Kagan, 27 June 2006
Semaphore, issues 11 June, 12 June, 13 July, 14 July, 15 August, 16 August 2006
Defence brief, no. 105, May-June 2004 and no. 112, April 2005
'Changing the Army for counterinsurgency operations', by Nigel Aylwin-Foster, from Military review, November-December 2005
'Shaping the future of counterinsurgency warfare : a strategic approach', by Anthony H. Cordesman, from CSIS , November 29, 2005
Notes on a talk by General Tony Zinni, 13 April 2006
Selected chapters from Field service regulations
'US Army codebreakers and the war against Japan', by Edward Drea, from From Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima : the Second World War in Asia and the Pacific, 1941-45, pp 98-106

Folder 75
An atlas of Australia's wars, 2004

Including printouts of:
FMI 3-07.22 Counterinsurgency operations, from Army Knowledge Online, October 2004

Folder 76
An atlas of Australia's wars, 2006

Including printouts and photocopies of:
FM 3-24 MCWP 3-33.5 Counterinsurgency, Headquarters, Dept. Of the Army, 15 December 2006

Folder 77
An atlas of Australia's wars, 2006

Including photocopies of:
Sir James Fownes Somerville's finding aid from Churchill College, Cambridge
Photocopy typescript diary indexes and entries for 23 and 30 December 1943 and 11 March 1944

Folder 78
Suppressing insurgency : an analysis of the Malayan Emergency, 1948-1954, 2006

Including photocopies of:
Emergency directives, Director of Operations, Malaya, 1953 series

Folder 79
Suppressing insurgency : an analysis of the Malayan Emergency, 1948-1954, 2006

Including photocopies of:
Emergency directives and instructions, Director of Operations, Malaya, 1954

Box 15 Audio Visual Cool Room

Folder 80 AV
Twenty-six audio cassettes
Interviews with:
1. Maj R Adam and Capt G.D. Combe
2. MajGen John Broadbent
3. Brig Sir Frederick Chilton
4. LtCol Harry Chilton
5. Maj Bruce G. Cribb
6. LtGen Sir Thomas Daly
7. Capt Neil B. Gilmour and Capt Harold Gray
8. Col Colin H. Grace
9. and 10. Lt Ken J. Hall
11. LtCol R. J. (later Sir Rupert) Hamer
12. Gen Sir Francis Hassett
13. LtCol Geoff D. Houston
14. LtCol Ron Ireland
15. MajGen Ken Mackay
16. Maj K. F. (Bill) Mollard
17. Capt Vic Nelson and Capt R. (Bob) W. Lewin
18. Brig C. Hugh B. Norman
19. Gun Sgt Max Parsons
20. Col Phil H. Pike
21. Maj Ray S. Rudkin
22. Capt E. John (Jock) Shattock
23. Steve Fitzgerald and LtCol F. A. George Tucker
24. Dean Adams and Steve Fitzgerald
25. Les Rowe
26. MajGen Tim Cape

Box 16 Folios

Folio 81 Folio

Including photocopies of:
British military memos and report 'Lessons from Malaya', written by a Battalion commander in Malaya, August 1942
'The interwar years', from The Australian Army, pp 81-134 and pp 404-409
'How are we going to make war : Admiral Sir Herbert Richmond and British Far Eastern war plans', by Christopher Bell, from The Journal of strategic studies, Vol. 20, September 1997, pp 123-141
'Equipment & naval policy 1919-42', by B.N. Primrose, from Australian journal of politics and history, Vol. 23, no. 2, 1977, pp 163-168
'Australian Army strategic planning 1919-39', by Neil Gow, from Australian journal of politics and history, Vol. 23, no. 2, 1977, pp 169-172
'The Southwest Pacific Islands in Australian interwar defence planning', by Margot Simington, from Australian journal of politics and history, Vol. 23, no. 2, 1977, pp 173-177
'The imperial commitment 1939-41', by John McCarthy, from Australian journal of politics and history, Vol. 23, no. 2, 1977, pp 178-181
Book review for Crises and commitments : the politics and diplomacy of Australia's involvement in South-East Asian conflicts 1948-1965, by Peter Edwards and Gregory Pemberton, from 'Weekend review', June 27-28 1992, p 7
Photocopies of maps of New Guinea during WWII

Othertype Map Cabinet 4, Drawer 10

Oversize 1
Nine maps of the Huon Peninsula area, including:
East Indies (featuring Papua New Guinea), 1928, reissued 1942
Hand drawn map of Finschhafen in 1943
Annotated photocopy map of Finschhafen coastline
Huon Peninsula
Photomap of Bonga (two copies)
New Guinea coastline from Madang towards Finschhafen and south to Lae
Finschhafen coastline featuring Scarlet Beach, Sattelberg and Langemak Bay
Photocopy of map 'Progress of defence operation (after MO operation)'
Three black and white photographs - aerial photographs of the Finschhafen area taken in July 1943 plus letter of description

Othertype Map Cabinet 4, Drawer 10

Oversize 2
Enlarged copies of maps and pages from An atlas of Australia's wars, by John Coates; Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, 2006, 2nd edition:
'World War I', including:
Map 8a 'The first months of World War I in the Pacific and Indian Oceans' and map 8b 'The Sydney/Emden action, 9 November 1914'
Page 42 text with map entitled 'Looking south from Anzac Cove'
Map 11a 'The covering force plan and the Turkish defences in the Ari Burnu-Gaba Tepe area' and map 11b 'Naval gunfire support at the landing, 25 April 1915'
Map 28 'Battle of Hamel, 4 July 1918'

Othertype Map Cabinet 4, Drawer 10

Oversize 3
Enlarged copies of maps from An atlas of Australia's wars, by John Coates; Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, 2006, 2nd edition:
'Australian forces in Europe and the Mediterranean in World War II', including:
Map 63a 'El Alamein : the July fighting when Field Marshal Rommel's offensive was halted by General Auchinleck' and map 63b 'Field Marshal Rommel's final offensive : the Battle of Alam Halfa, 30 August-3 September 1942'
Map 64a 'The Battle of El Alamein : the course of fighting, 23 October-4 November 1942'; map 64b 'The 9th Division's task at El Alamein' and map 64c 'Operations Supercharge'
Map 67 'The Nuremberg operation, 30-31 March 1944'

Othertype Map Cabinet 4, Drawer 10

Oversize 4
Enlarged copies of maps and pages from An atlas of Australia's wars, by John Coates; Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, 2006, 2nd edition:
'Australian forces in the Pacific in World War II', including:
Page 199 text with map photographs of 'A scale mock-up of Ford Island and Battleship Row' and 'Japanese carrier aircraft taking off for the Pearl Harbor attack'
Map 71a 'Japanese plan, Asia and Western Pacific, October 1941' and map 71b 'The Japanese offensive, January-march 1942'
Map 72 'Location of Australia forces, 8 December 1941'

Othertype Map Cabinet 4, Drawer 10

Oversize 5
Enlarged copies of maps from An atlas of Australia's wars, by John Coates; Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, 2006, 2nd edition:
'Australian forces in the Pacific in World War II', including:
Map 74a 'Malaya : topography and land use' and map 74b 'Malaya : location of British Empire forces, 8 December 1941'
Map 75a 'Thailand and Malaya : Japanese landings and advance, 8-20 December 1941'; map 75 b 'Japanese advance and British Empire force's withdrawal to Singapore Island, 21 December 1941-31 January 1942'; and map 75c 'Sinking of Prince of Wales and Repulse, 10 December 1941'
Map 77a 'Singapore Island : British Empire defences' and map 77b 'Singapore Island : the Japanese attack, 8 February 1942'
Map 78a 'Singapore Island : situation on 10 February 1942' and 'Singapore Island : situation at time of capitulation, 15 February 1942'
Map 108a 'Wewak : Operation Deluge, the amphibious landing, 11 May 1945' and map 108b 'Wewak : General Adachi's last stand, July-August 1945'

Othertype Map Cabinet 4, Drawer 10

Oversize 6
Enlarged copies of maps from An atlas of Australia's wars, by John Coates; Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, 2006, 2nd edition:
'The post-World War II period':
'The Malayan Emergency and confrontation', including:
Map 131a 'Malaya : a guerrilla's paradise'; map 131b 'Main terrorist areas'; and map 131c 'Federal priority operations, 1955-59'

'Since the Cold War':
'The war in Afghanistan', including:
Map 153a 'Afghanistan, ethnic composition'; map 153b 'US Central Command (CENTCOM), area of responsibility'; and map 153c 'Afghanistan, concept of operations'
'The war in Iraq', including:
Map 156a 'The first Gulf War (outline), 17 January-28 February 1991'; map 156b 'Ethnoreligious groups in Iraq'; and map 156c 'Iraq's oil infrastructure'
Map 157a 'Outline coalition plan for the campaign'; map 157b 'Iraq's defences'; and map 157c 'Iraq's regional commands'

'Peace-keeping operation':
Map 162 'Peace-keeping operations in which Australian military forces have been involved, 1947-2006'

Othertype Map Cabinet 4, Drawer 10

Oversize 7
Laminated maps, April 2004, including:
North Western Turkey
Northern Europe

Othertype Map Cabinet 4, Drawer 10

Oversize 8
Laminated map with smaller map inserts showing the state of Europe and the Mediterranean during World War II from 7/4/1939 - 9/5/1945

Othertype Map Cabinet 4, Drawer 10

Oversize 9
Maps, including:
Western Sahara briefing map, 1991
Contact covered small map of the Middle-East listing major incidents and key events
Iraq briefing map, August 2002